A Few Ideas About High Paying Careers

A Few Ideas About High Paying CareersHigh paying careers are often the dream of many individuals who would like to have more out of life, but need to make money now. There are some careers which don't take a full 4 years to get your degree and certification, and still pay well above minimum wage. Let's take a look at a few of them that pay the most to those who graduate with the highest GPA.

Many lawyers started out as paralegals, and even started while they were in school to become a certified paralegal. These jobs pay extremely well, and require that a person enjoys doing a lot of research and dealing directly with people. Paralegals must be able to talk to clients, even those who are criminally charged, and obtain all of the information the lawyer needs to prepare a case for the courtroom.

A Pharmacy Technician can easily make a decent wage while continuing their education to become a fully certified and licensed pharmacist. These technicians will work under the direct supervision of the pharmacist, and be responsible for accurately filling patient prescriptions, counting pills, measuring doses and dealing directly with insurance companies, doctors and patients. They may also be in charge of inventory and must have computer skills.

Surgical Technicians are very well paid, and are also expected to remain calm in medical emergencies because they work in the operating room with a surgeon, and deal with life and death matters every day. They are responsible for making sure the OR is sterilized, including surgical instruments, and are required to make the stitches in human flesh to close up the skin after the surgeon is finished with the actual operation.

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