About Courier Insurance - Facts and Quotes

About Courier Insurance - Facts and QuotesThese days it is possible to find affordable courier insurance for your courier business vehicle(s) without having to use specialist insurers and without the risk of having to settle for less-than-comprehensive cover solutions. Cheaply priced premiums for this type of insurance cover, including those that cater for legal expenses are readily available from various commercial insurance firms or professional underwriters. Further, the fact that insurance products for the courier business have since been enjoined with other conventional insurance solutions means that it is now possible to instantaneously find quotes, purchase policies and get cover just by using the internet.

The main prerequisite for acquiring courier insurance in all its variations is that your vehicle is utilized for commercial engagements involving the transportation of goods/merchandise but not people. According to insurers, the appropriate vehicle in this case will be one that carries not more than three passengers and has a weight below 3½ tons. Most insurers will demand that the vehicle driver is 21 years of age and above and that the individual has held a full driving license for not less than one year although this stipulation excludes certain driving jobs including those in the professional sports, fashion, mini cab and entertainment industries etc. This latter requirement however varies from one insurance company or broker to the next and you should inquire to know exactly what your courier insurance provider allows.

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