An Adventure Story

An Adventure StoryThe other day while trying to make sense of the world, specifically my own, a client was telling me about a charity Christmas party- having lots of toys left over he did not know what to do. His friend suggested he take them to an orphanage where he knows the children are in desperate need of love and toys. On a normal Christmas day he and his wife would run a soup kitchen but decided to visit the orphanage instead. As they arrived 50 wide eyed forgotten orphans dashed to greet them, with only one special teddy bear they asked the "mother" who they should give it to as they didn't want a riot on their hands. She pointed to a room and said "there's a little baby in there who has just been brought in by the police after being found abandoned in a field, I think he needs something to cuddle tonight!"

Shocked and dismayed by the malnourished baby his wife swept the tiny frail body into her arms to hug him and could not let go, a 15 minute deed of goodwill turned into 3 hours, Christmas day turned to a restless night as the abandoned gift of god did not leave their thoughts. When they called the next day to see how he was doing the "mother" suggested they give him a name, St Nic of Santa Claus fame came to mind - So Nicholas it would be.

Nicholas really needed love and help, after visiting the orphanage a couple times they asked if they would be allowed to look after Nicholas at weekends, to take him out on trips and give him the love he so desperately needed. After a few weekends it was getting harder and harder to give Nicholas back on Monday mornings he always became so quiet when they had to say goodbye. The wife asked her husband if they might consider adoption, initially he was against it, because of responsibility, financial ability and fear.

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